Our Story

Glam Eyes Sunglasses is committed to offering quality sunglasses with 100% UVA/UVB protection and a variety of attributes to meet your personal needs. We are committed to protecting those "baby blues", stunning "deep browns", those amazing greens, grays and any other shade of eyes. 

However, there was a time when all I considered about a pair of sunglasses was how they looked on my face, would they complement my wardrobe, and all the fun places and events I was going to wear them. In fact, the entire inspiration for the Glam Eyes Sunglasses store was about finding really cool, trendy, chic, stylish sunglasses and sharing them with like-minded people.

We relied on my designer background to do the proper research for the product, adding a dash (or more) of my artistic sensibilities. Then we began to learn about the most important part of this business, the real reason we need to wear sunglasses: eye protection. 

Eye protection from the harmful rays of the sun is the reason to wear sunglasses, but not just any sunglasses. Ok, yeah, you want them to fit the shape of your face, complement what you're wearing, and it's even a little fun when the style gives you an opportunity to feel cool. However, the sunglasses with the biggest cool-factor may not be protecting your eyes because the lenses do not have some very important qualities. We call this lens attributes in the description area of each collection. We recommend that you check this out before purchasing.

We also have, in the footer bar of Glam Eyes Sunglasses, a section called Lens Info to help you to better understand words and terms used to describe lens attributes and what they mean. Included in this section is an overview of lens colors and how to choose the correct lens colors that match your needs. Sorry, it's not to match that new top you just bought, but you could buy a new top to match the sunglasses.

When you have the confidence that your sunglasses are protecting your beautiful eyes it's game on, Go Glam, and that's what we're all about!