Starfish & Shiny Things

Summer is a magical time when we get to shed the warm clothes, leave the busyness and chaos, and controlled organization of our daily rituals. It is a place and time where even if we have to be grateful for a small window of escape we get to seek R & R in whatever fashion fits our personal desires. For some, it might mean curling up in a hammock with the latest best-seller, for others it could be a more challenging experience like boating to the Islands, white water rafting or running a 10K, or maybe it's taking a cruise. In whatever way you plan to spend your Summer 2018, we hope you will be spending much needed time on yourself and with your loved ones. Most of all we hope you will be making memories to share over time. With this thought in mind, we have focused this collection, Our Starfish & Shiny Things Collection, with the goal of making and keeping memories. Our Stella Charm Bracelet Collection is all about marking the memories personal. So, if you don't see the charm that tells your story Contact Us